Pokemon oras graphical glich

please help these are the pics and log.
this occurs at the team magma hideout when you fight the quintuplet grunts with 5 poochiyenas


this is the picture

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it works so you should be fine

Sure, it works, but Citra’s main objective is accuracy, so we want for other users to don’t have such glitches / bugs.

cpu: intel Pentium dual core e2200 @2.2ghz
os: windows 10
citra version: citra canary d8fde9b
game: Pokémon omega ruby
it doesn’t tell how to show send the paste bin link in canary

Please follow the Nightly instructions. What is your GPU?

My GPU is really old
Nvidia geforce 9300 GS
I’ll send you the log when I get home
PS: when will you focus on speed give me time in months or years

We can’t say that for certain, however, there will be a huge speedup for those, who use a dedicated GPU in a couple of months. Unfortunately, even with that change, your system won’t ever get full speeds on such demanding games (such as Pokemon).

will a GeForce gt 1030 work?

Sure, a GT 1030 will work.

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That also happens in horde encounters

1xNdAN1E this is my paste bin i dont know what to do