Pokemon ORAS Internet

Hey, I was wondering if it’s normal that I can’t collect mystery gifts or connect to the internet to trade in Omega Ruby. I think Citra can’t connect to the internet, but if so, will that be solved soon? Like, is there a date we can expect that to happen? Thanks!

Citra only emulates local Wi-Fi features, it does not connect to online servers. There are still a couple services like FRD an HTTP that need to implemented first. No estimates on when that will happen.

Is it even save to integrate online services? Can’t imagine nintendo to be happy about people using online only access parts on something which isn’t the intended hardware.

if you can do it right then you can trick the server into thinking that it is a legit console and nintendo won’t tell the difference.

however doing it right is the biggest issue here since that won’t be easy at all and would require a lot of coding and hacking and most likely a lot of files to dump from your console.

the biggest issue here is that tackling this will take so long that by the time someone figures it out nintendo would have probably shut down their servers.

It would definitely require dumped unique console identification files, but whether Nintendo could tell it’s an Emulator is whole different issue.