Pokemon ORAS Trade Evolutions

Hey guys,
Since Citra can’t connect to Pokemon’s online servers and everything, is there even a way to get trade evolution pokemon like Alakazam and Gengar? Since obviously you can’t trade or use the GTS. I really want to know since I have an Alakazite but no Alakazam to use it with. Also trade evos rock! Thanks, friends!

you can use your 3ds to do such things then transfer the save file to citra

or use a program called pkhex to edit any pokemon you want.

Since obviously you can’t trade

Citra canary has online multiplayer features. You can join a lobby and trade with someone in there or if you are an advanced user, you can use two copies of citra and trade with your self (This is tricky, so I don’t recommend doing it if you don’t know how to already.)