Pokemon ORAS works with Citra, but not X and Y what is the problem?

Pokemon X and Y have released 1 year earlier than Pokemon ORAS, and ORAS work fine with Citra with certain versions.
However, it seems X and Y are still in progress to fix, they miss some sound effect, and unplayable without any saved file. And I see even Pokemon Sun and Moon are working with Citra, but still not with X and Y… What is the problem with X and Y?

  1. Read this Cant play POKEMON X OR Y on citra nighty(5bb6753) emulator
  2. Citra is a work in progress project, there is too much to be done and we still don’t emulate some features that are needed to make some games start/work properly.

The only thing you can do is:
a) wait for updates and test the game everytime one new build is released to see if the problems are fixed.
b) learn to code and contribute yourself (it’s an open source project, every help is welcome).

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