Pokemon Shield , Problem when starting, stays starting until at one point stops responding

I have a problem when starting the pokemon shield, since it only loads the shaders and then it stays starting until at one point it stops responding, which is strange because I have played this game for a long time without problems , here is log file
yuzu_log.txt (1.7 MB)

System Information for Support

Client Version                               yuzu Early Access 3225
Operating System                             Windows 10 Version 21H2 (Build 19044.2364)
CPU                                          AMD Ryzen 5 3550H with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx   | AVX2 | FMA
Graphics API                                 Vulkan 1.3.224
Graphics Renderer                            NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
GPU Driver Version                           NVIDIA 527.56.0.0
Host RAM                                     13.94 GiB
Host Swap                                    11.50 GiB
CPU Accuracy                                 Auto
GPU Accuracy                                 Normal
Docked Mode                                  [ ]
CPU Multicore                                [x]
Async GPU                                    [x]
Async Shaders                                [x]

I did not find anything wrong in your log file. Please wait for a human moderator to assist.

Generally it would be in your best interest to dump your game update and system firmware from your nintendo switch (Quickstart Guide - yuzu)

Besides that you can see if right clicking the game and using the remove >> remove all pipeline cache button helps any. Sometimes shader corruption causes issue. If that doesn’t help it is likely that something else that is corrupted (your base game file or save file).

How can I see where my save files are?

Right click game in ui and open save location