Pokemon Sun and Moon Grey Screen on startup

this is my first time using citra, and i wanted to play pokemon moon since my n3dsxl died from water damage (rip, i had only homebrewed it 2 days before it died ;-; ). i made sure my citra was optimized for pokemon sun and moon, and started the game. it opened on a blank grey screen, with the music playing as normal. i tried with multiple different versions of citra, and it still didn’t work. i even tried it with vanilla citra with no addons and it did not work (albeit with slower music) not sure if it’s a problem with the rom or my computer.
while messing around i noticed that turning off hardware renderer lets me actually see the game, however, it insanely slows down the game. am i stuck with a really laggy game?

System Information

Looks like a graphics driver issue. Try updating your driver? also make sure no graphics hooking software is running

we don’t support unofficial builds here also there is no addons for citra, unless you have a different meaning for addons.

this gray screen on startup was determined to be an issue that is not on citra’s end since we had a discussion on it on the old forums and no one managed to replicate the issue after many tests and many people have the game working without this issue.

try updating your graphics driver, other than that there is something on your end.

thanks! this actually worked! looking in hindsight it seemed kind of obvious but i guess im a noob like that :disappointed_relieved:

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