Pokemon sun and moon Pikachu with adorable looking hat and pikashuinum Z

ok so this is very cool so ive been searching online
i was playing pokemon sun on the latest nightly build trying to beat/attempt the game with (no errors) the pikachu that i have doesnt have a hat last night now the next morning i woke up opened up citra and i saw mine with a hat on and its the same as the character’s cap and in the inventory you will see a pikashunium Z

i looked up online i saw an event at the IGN exclusive that those who pre-order a ticket to I Choose You, the 20th Pokemon film that recounts Ash’s earliest adventures in the anime, will receive a code that grants access to a Pikachu wearing one of the six different hats Ash has worn over the past seven generations of the series.

(and apperantly i did not do any of this stuff :p)

more source on

as proof i have a screenshot

honestly i do not know how did this happen and (I DIDNT HACK THE GAME)
i ripped it from 3ds

and yes i used fraps to screenshot the photo
Please comment or give me an answer on how did this happen if its a glitch or something
bye bye :slight_smile:

to be specific give me a reason how i got this

Changing this to Support. IDK maybe someone messed with your savefile.

Hmm not sure about that but unfotunally im the only one using this and im using a spy detector nothing goes through that

if thats not the case its definitely a glitch
still pretty cool though

but i dont like playing unfair coz some cheaters will defifnitely want to find out how this happened and do the same.

and NO I WONT GIVE A LINK ON THIS SAVE NOT ON MY LIFE!!! if someone asks :slight_smile:

and i dont want to start over again im just going to go on

AND BTW does citra have a date and time hidden in the emulator (that is not showing)

citra uses the date and time of your machine (pc)

there is a program called pkhex to edit the save file of any pokemon game, you can add and remove any pokemon with custom stats and trigger any events or gifts…etc.you can use that to remove this pikachu if you want.

OH ok i understand but this is still a glitch coz the source on ign clearly shows dates of when the event caps are happening right now and i know someone will want to have this save file (0_0)

I think i Wouldnt mess with that coz it might corrupt the data of my pokemon id rather not use pkhex
lf nessasary (it means i wont use it for going crazy non sense of lvl up , getting pokemon illegally with cheats, etc). and also i NEVER USE cheats and also ill keep the pikachu with the hat coz why not right?
its kinda cute. also maybe ill store the pikashuinium Z somewhere else.

p.s : i still have no idea how this happened and why and no one messed with my saves