Pokemon sun and moon save data

If anyone wants my pokemon sun and moon data here it is im a champions got luana and tapu fline https://mega.nz/#!bo4ChTwQ!hXGZDrdLG8_hp0sHrahJ6t77Mlh_TajD3mwIoyidSJg the last link was dead here the another link and same website

Your link seems to be dead.

Not telling you’re uploading virus, but I think you can upload the save file just in the game page (GitHub editing), that’s what I think, cause I’ve never tried it, and seriously, for a Pokémon save I think anyone can just use PKHex and edit you save how you want, I think i’ts better, or download a complete save if you really want, w/e ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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don’t worry ill give another link

i put another link now on mega hurry up and get it before someone trys delete it for some reason??

your link is dead again sorry hehehehe , can you give another one?