Pokemon sun crashes at a specific point

After the first cut-scene when the Lilly is running away, it pans to the house that you are staying at and then goes white is crashes here every time without fail

System Information

  • Operating System: Windows 10 x64
  • CPU: i7 - 4770k
  • GPU: 2x R9 280x
  • Citra Version: HEAD-eb3024b (I think) Or this 0.1.431
  • Game: Pokemon Sun
  • Screenshot of Issue:


[ 182.401461] Service.FS core\file_sys\archive_ncch.cpp:Open:70: Failed to get a handle for system data archive: NG bad word list.

You need to dump the home folder from your 3DS.

Thanks for the reply, that bit is fine for me I don’t mind it not having the bad words list implemented. I forgot to say that I edited the .3ds file so that the pokemon have random spawns. The normal unedited version of the game runs fine.

  • The NG Bad word list is part of the system files that you need to dump from your 3DS. You can ignore it but you may encounter issues. It’s required for accurate emulation.
  • Please don’t report issues with modified ROMs. Only clean, unmodified ROMs should be used to report issues.

Thanks for the reply, I will remember for next time sorry. I have fixed the problem anyways

**I’ve been getting the same problem too Except it’s that Sentence right there also I don’t have A 2 or 3DS I’ve just picked up Pokemon Sun from the web and tested it on Citra & this is what has happened to get I get that sentence that told me this “The NG Bad word list is Missing” & “Would you like to close the game and play something else?” and I said no and as I’ve went on playing Pokemon Sun yeah you got one thing right it slowed me down as hell so how do I fix it? **

Please don’t unnecessarily bump old topics. If you choose to ignore the popup message, you may encounter issues further into the game. If you need further assistance, please open a new support topic.