Pokemon Sun have a pitch-black screen at 0fps

I’m currently playing on Citra Nightly. When i was finishing the cutscence of professor kukui after finishing the 1st champion battle, the screen turns pitch-black, also Fps from 30->0 with speed still at 100%.
PC specs:
-CPU: i5-7500
-GPU:GTX 1050 Ti
-Citra version (from title bar):HEAD-3c03da1
-game:pokemon sun
-operating system: Windows 10
log when the problem happends: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1L7l62-plAfzbN3nILTDSDNSZw4BUth2P
*sorry about my poorly used grammar(if i got any :3).
Thank you

You have to beat the Champion with 3 nicknamed Pokemon.

i’ve just tried it, it still doesn’t work

He meant you must have just 3 pokemon in your party not 6 and they must be nicknamed. You can use pkhex to edit your save.