Pokemon Sun Low FPS

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Now that CITRA runs with GPU, i tested and my fps were low (like 15-30), and the game is slow… i know that having 30frames on CITRA doesnt mean that im playing 30 frames p/sec, but the game was slow, so i think it was really… near there at least…

Operating System:
CPU: I5 6500
GPU: GTX 1070 From MSI
Citra Version (found in title bar): Citra Canary HEAD- 54390d5
Game: Pokemon Sun

Im playing with:
Limit Speed Percentage: 100%
Shader emulation: GPU
Internal Resolution: 2x Native (800x600)
Accurate Hardware Shader
Enable Shader JIT

Disable the Accurate Hardware shader for now (as it’s eating up performance) and only use it when you encounter graphical glitches.

So if i do that, can this give a fps boost? Can u tell me if i can do something more to get better performance (dont mind if the graphs stay bad… )

You can follow some of the tips in this topic.

That topic is extremely old (almost 1 year ago!), so some tips are outdated, like the hex edit and single core score (since GPU update is a thing).