Pokemon Sun / Moon Multiplayer Bugs


Okay, I know this was implemented literally couple days ago. I appreciate the work, I just wanted to point this out.

Every time I try to Battle or Trade in Festival Plaza, but screenshot I posted appears like million times a second and the game crashes. However, the other people have no problem issuing a challenge in battle but while selecting a team, the connection is interrupted and it goes back to plaza menu.

I was battling someone earlier today but the game ended with DC, and I couldn’t battle anyone ever since. I don’t know what is going on…

You need to dump the system archives from your 3DS.

Would you mind elaborating on this?

The link in the error dialog box can be clicked on.

There is another bug here. I updated citra couple minutes ago and I can’t join any rooms at all:

I also can’t create a room with this issue:

Have you entered the required information in Emulation - Configure - Web?

Now I can create a room, but I still have issues joining rooms.

Try regenerating your console ID in Emulation - Configure - System.

The problem persists. I think this has to do with connection settings.

Make sure you don’t have any firewalls that could block Citra from accessing the network?

If that doesn’t help, then I would assume that you just either have a bad internet connection / bad ping.

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Is there anyway to trade with out dumping files? I don’t have 3ds

Please don’t revive old threads. You needed to have a real 3DS to dump your games anyway. We don’t support piracy. And no, you can’t trade without having those files.