Pokemon Sword controller issues

i have a issue while playing sword on yuzu. I am unable to clear Bea’s Gym mission(4th gym leader) i.e. I am unable to control the disc we are needed to sit in. Please provide with a fix. I play with a keyboard

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

There’s no fix for that, you need a gamepad with an analog stick, or some very good precision with the keyboard.

Have you cleared it???

Droid joy does not work for me. Any other fix

I had the same issue. Its not that the keyboard doesn’t work, it does, but you need to press the arrows in a clock-wise or counter clockwise fashion as you would a joystick, but has to be very quick. If you miss one arrow, it does not react. At the end, I needed to go buy a controller for it to work. If you are using a normal PC, an xbox controller works perfectly fine with a USB, and just pick the joycons in controllers and map your buttons and you’ll have no problem after that (until you try to cook, for some reason the joycons do not spin the gavel and i cannot go up and down in the menu to choose berries with the controller, but could use it normally in menus otherwise). Really no other way around it, you need a controller there

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If I mail u my save file, can u just get me past Bea’s gym and then mail back my save file? It would be a great help. Or if u have any other fix it would also do the job

f I mail u my save file, can u just get me past Bea’s gym and then mail back my save file? It would be a great help. Or if u have any other fix it would also do the job. Please reply even if it is a no.

You can mail me your save to see what I can I do, I got Xbox 360 and Konig PS2/USB Controllers.


Unfortunately no time these days to do that sorry mate. Also, I dunno how I would do that without overriding my own save

You can backup your save easy with no problems and I will see if I can help, I didn’t play that far in the game.
To backup your save you must select the game then click right button Open Save Data Location and press Ok, then you can Backup your save.

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Ok not a problem. Get back to me if u have time😊

Also, can u tell me what are the mods u are using. I see some update kinda thing.

I don’t use all off them, they are for: To increase FPS from 30 to 60, for lowering system requirements (to run faster), and some tweaks for better graphics, and hoping for cheats for hard mod but nope they don’t work.
The updates and dlc’s original for the games they are latest.

what do the dlcs and updates do?

Update fix bugs in games or add new things, dlc brings you new things or gives you some items, weapons, etc. for making easy to play at first, and it gives you new looks and clothes for your characters, for pokemon you can get a new pokemon.
Better google them what update and dlc are for in the game.

Be careful when using the 1.1.1 update though, as the no wifi softlock fix does not work on 1.1.1 (as do most mods actually, which could be the reason your game is not recognizing it)

It’s done.
You can take the saves.

I didn’t use 1.1.1 or dlc now, but when I play I will use them.

Please please help me.
Just complete the 4 th gym challange.i cant move because of the controllers.please it would be very helpful.