Pokemon Sword controller issues

You can use droidjoy in android and it’s server in pc so that it can work like controller…

So i have to find its server in pc

No… took a look in this…

Ok thankew very much

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Can you please please complete my 4 th gym challange…please its a request

@Wei_Shan give me the save file.

@ionelush2001 can u clear my 4th gym mission , i can give u my save file let me know ur email id.

k, give me the save file and let me know when you Mail me the save.

what is your mail id?

check your personal message from hear it is there.

To backup your save you must select the game then click right button Open Save Data Location and press Ok, then you can Backup your save.

please sir can you do it for me as well trying it for so long cant do it… please sir…

@sunny09 Give me your save to get you to 4th gym boss fight.

please give your mail id

It is done all you need is in the mail, did you get my mail.

I need your help
I’m having the same issue

I can’t get past the gym challenge due to this issue
It takes too long for keyboard to respond

@Tech Give me the save and I can get you do the battle with Gym leader.

Bro tell me it mail I wills end u now

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can someone pls complete the 4th gym for me
I can mail u the save file pls somebody help