Pokémon Sword crash and freeze problems

Fixes are on the way, just wait some more.

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It crashes within 5 minutes…

Strange, is it CPU MHz or is it Windows.
I play the game without crashes, the only crash is when I go online with Y button, but I have a mod for it and no more crash, and I am on 4 cores CPU i7-7700k 4.20GHz hyper threading with 8 threads, but I use only 4 threads my real 4 cores, the other 4 threads virtual cores are closed.
Windows 10 2004 clean install, turned off some software that I don’t use every time, I start them when I need them, and my Windows 10 x64 runs like Windows 7 x64 by turning off Cortana and stupid stuff that runs like a Smartphone Apps, and it lowerers CPU, Memory and GPU usage.

how to turn off cortana and others???

Turn off all, only Camera and Microphone are on.

All that is disable.

All that is disabled.

This are the results.

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thanx for your help but now it freezes when entering a battle or saving…

You have bad luck.
Homer Simpson Doh

now I have changed the Nvidia control panel settings and using mainline 303 and it is working fine…

@Domenico_Bellantone use your Nvidia setting like this…

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I’m on AMD, i have a 5700XT

Bad Luck AMD has problems with Pokemon Sword and Shield, check more topics like this one.

On Navi GPUs, stick to the latest GPU drivers and use Vulkan.

Navi means Nvidia???

No, Navi are the RX5000 series from AMD.

Nvidia 3000 Series is next

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