Pokemon Sword Crashing after 10min

Using Mainline Build - f4b461de8 , Except for the crashes every 10min the game is working smooth with solid 30fps.

Can you get me a longer log? That one cuts short before any rendering.
Make sure to not re-open yuzau before sending the log.


Here’s another one from today


Try without the 60 fps mod, and try with an automatic page file, big ones are no longer required.

Thanx for the reply, ill try and tell you how it went.

Unfortunately it crashed again :frowning:
here’s the new log http://www.mediafire.com/file/zik86lng1ghf2gi/yuzu_log3.txt/file

With a long session like that (47 minutes), I consider it part of the Vulkan problems with cumulative use of VRAM.
We’re working to solve those with the “Memory Reaper” project, should be out relatively soon-ish.

Sweet , ill just have to wait for that while saving every 40 min xD
Thanx alot for the help^^

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