Pokemon Sword Crashing after Defeat of Final Boss

Good afternoon! I have been having a wonderful time playing this game, and have had no issues to speak of throughout the entire game. Unfortunately, after defeating leon, when going into the end credits, with the pokemon sword logo, the game just, stops. Does not turn off, does not continue. Says 0 FPS, and waiting 1 minute or 20 minutes, it is still the same. Now, if I stop emulation, and try to go back in the game, it will pick up before I beat leon as that is my last save, and after beating him again, once again, stuck at the logo without moving forward. Any way to fix this? I am using the current Pokemon sword build with EA 549, I have turned off update 1.1 (as it was causing issues with other mods I have), also using the no outlines mod, along with the new textures by BSODgaming.

Edit: Boy am I dumb, found the file, attached it but it is empty and won’t upload as it says “its empty”

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

File is empty, as I said, the game is not crashing, simply stopping.

The log will be empty if you open yuzu again before sending it.
This is a known problem for now, try removing all mods from the mod folder.

how did u fixed this or did you? i have this same problem.

I did actually yah. Just had to turn off all my mods and it worked

mine has the same problem but i have no mods installed…

Provide your log file for better support…

here is my log file

Try increasing your page file to 25GB, and with multicore disabled, at least for the last fight.

ok it worked!! thank you very much!!!

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Thanks a lot, it worked.
I don’t know how to thank I didn’t know what to do anymore😊

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How do I increase it?

Set it to 25000 mb.

Help, I still have this problem

Keep trying with multicore disabled.

umm yeah basically i have the same problem but its different, basically after i deafeat leon it shows credits and everything but while it shows “now saving…” it basically just stops so i tried to close and open it again then it crashes

Autosaving is unstable for some reason, most likely a problem in our file system emulation.