Pokemon Sword Crashing Every 10 Minutes Exactly

After around the 2nd gym, my pokemon sword is consistently crashing every 10 minutes.
I’ve provided the log file, has anyone else encountered this issue, and is there a fix?
yuzu_log.txt (1.3 MB)

Use OpenGL instead of Vulkan. And disable Graphics Debugging.

Can you please test if this issue also happens with mainline 632?

Link to mainline 632: https://github.com/yuzu-emu/yuzu-mainline/releases/download/mainline-0-632/yuzu-windows-msvc-20210523-0ed706e14.7z

If it does not happen with mainline 632 then can you please test mainline 633?

Link to mainline 633: https://github.com/yuzu-emu/yuzu-mainline/releases/download/mainline-0-633/yuzu-windows-msvc-20210524-f3037c3bb.7z

I tested this with my old PC:
MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon
CPU: i5 7600k 3.8Ghz, Turoboost 4.2Ghz
GPU: RTX 3060 (I no longer had a GPU so I had to take the one from my first PC)
RAM: 32GB (2x16GB) 3600Mhz (XMP is off. I had to clock manually)
Page File: 32000
The latest NVIDIA driver is installed

Yuzu Settings
Accuracy Level: High
Anisotropic Filtering: Default
Everything else in Graphics/ Advanced is checked
Async: on
Multicore: on
Dock: on
CPU: unsafe mode
Everything else in unsafe mode is checked
In Debugg everything is unchecked

NVIDIA Control Panel for yuzu.exe
Seted it to “Max Performance for GPU”
Tripple Buffer: on
OpenGL Renderer GPU: “RTX 3060”
Threaded Optimization: on
Vsync: on
Gsync: on
1920x1080 240Hz

Yuzu mainline 632 didn’t crash and I stood in the same spot for 30 minutes

Yuzu mainline 633 crashed after 5-10 minutes and I was also in the same place

Thank you for testing this! We’re looking into the issue.

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Yeah that didn’t do anything . still crashes frequently . I have 16GB of ram with a i3 8100 & a 660ti so i know it’s capable . I switched over to Ryu & it worked perfectly . I will say with the latest GTX driver update that nvidia released it works on neither . uninstalling this fixed it for me on Ryu

The most stable mainline version for me (Pokemon Sword/Shield) is with this system and settings i’ve mentioned above is yuzu mainline 482.

The most stable early access version for me is yuzu EA 833 with the same system and settings.

In crown tundra for the raids and for force savings, i’m using yuzu mainline 295 and with this it doesn’t crash in the adventure raid anymore at least for me since yuzu mainline 295 doesn’t have multicore