Pokémon sword crashing while using both mainline and early access build

Check the bottom of the laptop, it should tell the exact model.

Baseboard manufacturer: HP
it supports DDR4-2400
Supports up to 16GB (unbuffered) on 64-bit system.
Motherboard specification: OrionR32300UUF

I have 4GB RAM already installed, so how many RAM should I add more for smooth gaming of 30-60fps in yuzu?

are you using mods? that might be causing the crashes

Nope. I’m not at all using mods but if it doesn’t gets automatically to 30-60 fps then I guess I might be using it!:sneezing_face:

At least another 4GB to get a total of 8GB, but i would recommend getting an 8GB stick to get a total of 12GB of RAM.

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Which MHz will my laptop support 2400Mhz or 2666MHz for 8GB RAM?
Will my laptop support RAM of any company?

I would not mix any RAM modules (1x4GB with 1x8GB) because that can cause instability and because both have different speeds. So I would suggest you either get 1x16GB 2400, or 2x4GB 2400, or 1x8GB 2400, or 2x8GB 2400

Remove your old RAM and always take the new one without mixing it with the old one

If you only get 1 Ram module let’s say 16GB, then you use it in the single channel. If you get 2 RAM modules, then you use it in the dual channel

If you have the option of using RAM in dual channel with 2 RAM modules then I would always go with it. Dualchanel is the best in my opinion

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Is it ok to buy 8GB RAM of DDR4 2400 as I have pre-installed 4GB RAM of DDR4 2400?

I just saw that I didn’t had dual channel, I only had single channel…but with two memory slots!(the first one is occupied by the 4GB RAM):grinning:. So will I be be able to insert 8gb ram?

Will Pokémon sword and let’s go Pikachu run smoothly on 8GB RAM of DDR4 2400 or 16gb ram of DDR4 2400? I’m literally getting pissed off!!!:sob::sob::sob:I’m confused af​:sob:

As I see I confused you a little bit. I’m sorry about that.

Usually if you use ram with same frequency and latency there won’t be any issue. But make sure your motherboard support 16GB in single slot. Mostly it will. If you facing any issue remove 4gb and put 16gb alone. 16gb will cover all your needs. Also laptop may not provide dual channel support. So in that case use 16gb alone.

Yuzu will mostly run better in all games with 16GB than with 8GB

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So what should I bring

  1. two 8GB Ram Sticks or
  2. a single 16gb ram or
  3. one 4gb(inbuilt) and another 8gb stick(8+4)GB ram= 12 GB ram for yuzu to run smoothly?

Any would work fine, but the best performance kit will be the 2x identical 8GB sticks, thanks to proper dual channel.


I totally agree with GoldenX86. 2x8GB with proper dual chanel is the best


I have that plus and it still happens. Does anyone know a new link I maybe can try?

For the timing, until I save money for my RAM, can I play Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu with the help of my 1TB external hard drive?
If I can play, then how should I handle and allocate the files?

Just set up a page file: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/increase-page-file-size-virtual-memory-windows
It will help, but it won’t replace RAM.

I did that but after I click “Continue ur adventure” it drops to 0 fps on Pokémon let’s go pikachu. I’ll update this msg after I check for Pokémon sword.

Get me a log file after the game gets stuck.

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In the last few days I have experimented with merging the files with nsp or xci and I came to the conclusion that pokemon sword and other games get into difficulties if you merge everything together, the games nsp or xci with the DLC’s nsp or xci and Updates then the frame rate often drops to 0 and to “nand” and this then leads to a crash.
GoldenX86 was in my topic absolutely right with merging the files nsp or xci which can lead to crashes. Perhaps that is exactly the problem with your crashes

What i did
I have backed up my save files
I did a clean installation with yuzu (yuzu mainline 663)
Redumped the latest firmware and keys
Updated all my drivers

Redumped from my switch individually
pokemon sword.nsp
DLC 1.nsp
DLC 2.nsp
Update 1.3.1.nsp

From here everything went very well and I was able to play pokemon sword for 3-4 hours without problems and I was able to continue playing and not a crash occurred


Ok, so I guess I was a bit impatient for the game that’s why it did drop to 0 fps but after some time like 2-3 minutes it started to work again but after I beat the 2nd gym it like works in between 10-20 FPS Nd while battling nd catching pokemons it gets to 30fps which is quite good.
But Pokémon Sword seems like a stubborn game that doesn’t wants to work at any way. Only after u press the ‘A’ button to continue it drops to 0fps Nd does’nt works at all. I’m all the way stuck at Wedgehurst Station Nd my character doesn’t moves at all. Also due to the lagging fps there the characters glitch a lot​:neutral_face::slightly_smiling_face:.

Get more RAM. 4GB won’t run anything well.

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