Pokemon Sword Gym

Hi All!

A few days ago I download yuzu emulator + pokemon sword rom. This is my first contact with this emulator. After a few days im during Stow-on-side gym mission when i have to spin my wehicle.

And this is my question- do I need control motion pad to complete this mission, or there is possible to make spin function on my keyboard? Thx a lot for answer.
P.S Sorry for my grammar :confused:

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you don’t need motion controls but you do need analog input as in a controller. Otherwise you can try fiddling with the directions. I heard some did it somehow but controller is the best way.

Ok i buy controller today. Still i dont know how should i spin with him. I can go in any directions, my “A”, “B”, “X” and “Y” buttons works, but still i cant spin -_-

Wich one configuration should i focus?

actually you can use a remote pc application. This application is useful to make Android into a gamepad, for details please search on google

Anyone here able to help me import my pokemon sword to yuzu?

Best is to search with google.

Hi, I had the same problem today and I soved in in only 15 minutes, here’s how: Open the control configuration, in the left joy stick section, set left as A, right as D, up as Up Arrow, down as Down Arrow. This allows you to click these keys faster using your middle and index finger on each hand. Once you start the challenge, click these 4 keys as fast as you can, it doesn’t need to be in any order and see which direction the wheel spin towards. Once you get stuck and want to spin in the other direction, open the configuration again and swap the direction of the A and D keys. That’ll make the wheel spin the other way. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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