Pokemon Sword - Image Freezes but Music still continues

Currently running OpenGL because that runs far better due to Vulcan not being able to clear the RAM despite being AMD.

Now while it can be a bit slow ever since I increased the page count to 25GB it’s become a lot more stable due to not pushing my CPU anywhere near as hard.

As long as I close everything else and only use Yuzu it can actually run everything at below 70% according to Task Manager

But I’ve noticed that since I’ve hit the Wild Area it softlocks far more often, where the image freezes with the FPS at 0 but the music still runs perfectly.

I can pause it and unpause but that changes nothing.

Any recommendations?

yuzu_log.txt (1.2 MB)

This problem started with the DLC updates. We’re still investigating it.
Try with multicore disabled.

Sure I’ll try it with Multicore turned off. If it softlocks again. I’ll post a new Yuzu Log.

No I’m afraid it still softlocked on one core. It did become a lot lower quality of course but after a few fights it got suck at 0FPS, 1% and I left it for a few minutes but it never did progress after that.

Going to just put it back to Multi Core and I’ll try to save between every fight in the wild area and hope after I get out it goes back to being stable.

yuzu_log.txt (965.1 KB)

You can try an older build from before multicore was added: Release yuzu 295 · yuzu-emu/yuzu-mainline (github.com)

Hi, I have yuzu 522 with the pokemon sword with update 1.3.0. I have the same problem, when it makes me save mandatory. Was any solution found?

Sorry for the google translator

Check previous answers.