Pokemon Sword opening bag and going to key items initiates crash

Let me add some context first. I was playing the isle of armor DLC in Pokemon Sword when my game crashed and anytime I tried to play it afterward it would not load, the opening cut-scene would load but when I click continue it was just black screen. I thought my save file was corrupt so I deleted my main save file and renamed my backup save file to “main” so I could load up that previous save to see if it works. I did that and it worked! The problem is that the isle of armor DLC isn’t showing up in wedgehurst nor on the map and I have the DLC checked in properties. So I went to check my key items in the bag to see if my DLC is showing up and when I try and go to the key items tab where the isle of armor and crown tundra pass are the game just freezes, drops to 0 fps, and has the “nan ms” thing. What do I do?

yuzu_log.txt (326.1 KB)

Seems to be a kernel crash, I’m reporting it to the devs, could be something recent.
Could you test if older mainline versions solve it? Releases · yuzu-emu/yuzu-mainline · GitHub

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Yeah I could test it out on older versions. There are a lot of links for each version. Which version of the windows one do I download?

also if the older versions that i test out don’t work should I just reply back here so you know?

Use the ones named like yuzu-windows-msvc-20210529-6ef69109b.zip
Those are regular Windows versions.

Post me here what you find, oh and avoid versions between 610 and 620, those are known to be broken.

Ok so I tried versions 605-608 and version 622 none of them worked and acted the same as the latest build. So I went back even further to version 505 but still the same problem. Then I moved to version 480 and the same thing. The last version I tried was version 421 and it didn’t work so I have no clue what the problem is.

Then it seems to be related to the file system emulation bugs we face with these games. Those started with the DLC updates. Work is onging to fix them.

I’m facing the same issue too, freezes when opening the key items in the bag or the bag itself during battle. Tried latest mainline, any possible fix for it?

Edit: Running Pokemon Sword update 1.3.2 (both DLCs active), it used to work fine on 1.3.1

We’re currently investigating.

I’m having the same issue, same conditions.
I’ve found this issue on posts since August 2020, no solution posted yet anywhere. I’m really hoping someone figures it out and shares :grin:

It’s a hard to reproduce issue.
Could you post me a log file after the crash and upload your save file?

yeah I still haven’t found a solution. I just downloaded Pokemon Shield Instead and started a new game.

I gave a log file when I made the post but you probably already looked at it

I haven’t found any fixes yet I just started a new game on Pokemon Shield instead and the dlc works. Idk if you remove all your saves on Pokemon sword and start a new one if the dlc will come back but that might work. You would have to start over again though.

It’s fine, for me the issue has been mitigated, the bigger problem is, how to maintain the FPS of Pokemon games? My Sword starts at 25-30 FPS then after about 10 minutes of gameplay it begins to stutter and lag and sometimes when loading a battle, it comes to a painful halt, at times requiring to completely force shut down the system.

If you post a log that can tell us more.

same issue fr me, isle of armor and crowntundra not showing in wedgehurst and if i go in key items it crashes

This is typically due to people corrupting their saves or trying to mix usage of sword save on shield game.

Redump your files from console and reapply them to yuzu to rule out oddity.

i figured out the solution!!! Just update the game to ver 1.3.2 and it should work fine.

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Good find, gonna try that out now and see if it works.