Pokemon Sword Randomly Closing itself

yuzu_log.txt (804.0 KB)

Try with OpenGL is more stable for Pokemon Games.

I tried both vulkan was crashing less often

downgrade gpu driver to 472.12 to rule out newer driver issue. Oherwise wait for emu improvement. People crashing in sw/sh is still expected on some hardware set.

It didn’t work either

yuzu_log.txt (544.3 KB)
Here’s a crash log with 472.12 drivers and OpenGL

Random crashes with sw sh can be kind of expected for now. Save often.

Like I did for Shin Megami Tensei V

My Game crashes too after around 10 - 15 minutes too, have you guys found a workaround?

@bunnei Yesterday at 12:09 AM Discord

Early Access 2254:

  • Fixes a softlock during boot with Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet when multicore is enabled.
  • Fixes several crashes that can occur in-game with Pokémon Sword & Shield.
  • Fixes several crashes that can occur when shutting down emulation.

@ionelush2001 I didn’t test it on Yuzu Mainline and I don’t know if it’s fixed.