Pokemon Sword Save Crash

Hello there, I was playing some Pokemon Sword yesterday on the latest Yuzu version and it was working fine. Occasional freezes and crashes when having to generate alot of shaders but I was expecting that. Booted it up today and instead of going into my save file it loaded up the character creator, somehow my save was deleted. I wasn’t that far into the game so I decided to just start over, however when I went to save Yuzu just froze and I ended up having to just close it. I have no idea why this is happening, I am using mods but I have tried without them and it still freezes upon saving. And i’ve tried everything to fix this.

Reinstall Yuzu
Reinstall the game
Trying a different earlier build of Yuzu
Removing and reinstall the keys
Trying to save without mods

I have no idea whats causing this and I would really appreciate any help. If I need to submit like logs or something just let me know