Pokémon sword / shield online

Can any citra’s or yuzu’s supporter help me?

Anyone knows aprox. when does the online service for pokémon sword/shield will came out?


it came out and they immediatly removed it coz of some copyright issue

Oh, okay, but they will never fix it?

This will never see the light on Yuzu or Citra.

Okay? I dont know what do you want to say

It means that Yuzu or Citra won’t have access to Nintendo server ever, so the only solution is to buy Nintendo Switch or Nintendo 3DS to have access to Nintendo server.

But they can’t do any yuzu’s server? (Like the citra’s servers for playing online in citra with only people of citra.)

You must wait for Yuzu internal server, there is no eta.

Thanks man! so… I will wait