Pokemon Sword stuck when there's a force saving

No fix atm. If you don’t like the issues just stick to your console for time being.

For anyone else inclined to respond to this post. The same sentiment has applied for the last year or so, and remains to this day. I’ll edit the message and post here when it is actually stable for ‘everyone’ (which is wishful thinking, but they’re trying their best here to fix it)

by any chance…do you know if this issue happens in pokemon shield?
I’m playing sword atm and I’m having this issue however if it shield doesn’t have it I might switch games

sorry to bother you but when I try to download Yuzu I get
‘‘this site can’t be reached’’
can you help me?

It’s the same game in case you weren’t aware already with only subtle differences. Same idea with Pokemon Brilliant diamond - shiny pearl. For your site can’t be reached issue that’s usually internet related - github regional issue. See if maybe vpn helps or try again later :pray:

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the thing that worked for me is:
play until the “backup” and “poke_trade” files apperead on the saves folder then before force-saving move those archives to another folder/delete them (if auto save is enabled do this after entering the room/the game auto saving)
i’ll test this more today and edit if doesn’t work
i think the game force-saves AGAIN after the dynamax adventures so do this before coming back of the dynamaxAdv

I can force this issue and tried your method. Unfortunately it still crashes.

Funny you mention that just after the last test builds we’ve run.
Suspended for a month.