Pokemon Sword Yuzu Crash LOG 05.27.21

INTEL i5 4670k
16gb of ram
1070ti GTX

Game Runs fine but crashes every 10-20 minutes.

Yuzu dosent crash, the game just freezes, i’m able to click emulation and hit restart, it brings me back to the main screen.

Thanks for any insight, my guess is 4670k is not enough to run the game but…it should be able to if i have nothing else running???

yuzu_log.txt (755.5 KB)

No, this isn’t a CPU issue, some service seems to be bothering. We’re investigating it.

Can you please test if this issue also happens with mainline 632?

Link to mainline 632: https://github.com/yuzu-emu/yuzu-mainline/releases/download/mainline-0-632/yuzu-windows-msvc-20210523-0ed706e14.7z

If it does not happen with mainline 632 then can you please test mainline 633?

Link to mainline 633: https://github.com/yuzu-emu/yuzu-mainline/releases/download/mainline-0-633/yuzu-windows-msvc-20210524-f3037c3bb.7z

Hi there, Game runs much better on 632

It eventually crashed but was able to play the game for much longer than before maybe 40 minutes until crash.

Attached the log. Will try 633 to see if theres any difference.

Thanks for any insight

Tried 633, crashed after about 10 minutes

Attached the log.

Any other versions worth trying?

thank you for testing. The crashes in the logs you posted here are different from the original issue you had so it seems like that issue doesn’t happen in 632. We’ll look into it.

Yo uso la versión 541 para espada y escudo y se bloquea cada hora o cada 20 minutos, según le apetece.