Pokemon Sword Yuzu Crashes Randomly

Hello, I have a MSI brand gaming laptop with a nvidia geforce gtx 1650ti mid range graphics card, a highend Intel® Core™ i5-10300H Processor (8M Cache, up to 4.50 GHz), and I have 16gb of ram. I tried page cash at 60k and raised it by ten up to 90k after each crash but that did not solve the crashing, I tried high accuracy in settings from normal accuracy and funny thing was yuzu crashed within 5 minutes of playing the game compared to about 45 minutes to over an hour when it was set to normal. I have read all forums online turned off many background processes,tried the reccomended settings for yuzu with my graphics card, tried both opengl and nvidia in yuzu settings as well and still game crashes randomly. My cpu and gpu run around 45% while playing which is perfect and my ram usage is around 18% as I have a memory optimizer running that cleans the ram once it hits a certain threshold so yuzu won’t crash from not having enough ram left to use. I will upload a log once it crashes again as I accidently overwrote the log by opening yuzu again so I need to wait for another crash hopefully soon. I did read the log after the crash and it stated something about a read 32 or win32 mem error and it had like 20 or more lines of that with different (0x0003000299

and so forth but you get the picture and I will upload a log soon once it crashes here again.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

I will, playing yuzu pokemon sword right now so it should crash within an hour or less as it always does.

Crashes with SW/sh can be somewhat expected after period of time. For good measure though posting a log can say more. No rush.

Problem is the crashes are usually after 10 minutes and I can’t enjoy the game this way at all :(. This time yuzu did not crash but it froze when I was using the cram-o-matic and I minimized the screen and than maximized it and the screen went completely white. I get crashes when I am roaming the overworld and after a battle and so forth. Is there going to be a fix to this ever? It has been what 2 or 3 years with yuzu emulator? still no fix though, is this game just a junk heap that will never be able to run? I ask this because I am wondering about giving up on this game and going back to playing my gba roms as it’s not like this game is all that fun to me anyways.

P.s. this is the first rom game in existence of any other emulator to crash like this, is this because pokemon sword and shield are truly running this bad or is it because of the emulator? I also tried this on ryujinx and it crashed within 2 minutes of running it so it was even worse. Man I can’t believe how bad these either switch emulators or the switch games are…

Okay so the game crashed and fully closed yuzu while I was brushing my teeth :(. I will add the log now…

yuzu_log.txt (4.0 MB)

Try to relax lol. The issue with sw sh isn’t the easiest to fix. Nor has it been happening since day one in this emu… things take time. You’re welcome to stick to your console or save more often until issues are addressed. Setting wise from your log stick to docked mode and turn off async shaders.

thank you for the settings help, can I keep async gpu emulation turned on?

Yeah async gpu emulation is fine.

Okay so what you told completely fixed the random crashing so thank you so much :). Now all I have is the normal freezes when you talk to digging pa and when you use the cram-o-matic, hopefully these crashes can be fixed someday in the future :slight_smile: Thanks so much now I can actually enjoy the game way more!

Some of those auto saving related crashes may be fixed by disabling multicore for now but at a cost to performance. Slight compromise until it is addressed :stuck_out_tongue: or some by disabling autosave in game and manually saving more often instead*

Yeah that worked as well. thank you so much for all of your help now I can gets tons of watts and $.

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