Pokemon trading between generations

I know some people are talking about PKHEX to trade but their explanations are all over the place. Basically what I want to know is how do I get a Mightyena for example in Pokemon Moon. I’d have to transfer it from ORAS but how do i go about that? I’m a Dark Type maniac and I’d like to get all the dark types somehow.

There are 2 ‘‘easy’’ ways that I know of. Remember to back-up your save file before you do this!

  1. Use PKHeX: This involves opening up either one or two instances of PKHeX. Basically you do this:
  • Start up PKHeX and load up your save file for (in your case) Pokemon Moon.
  • Start up another instance of PKHeX and load up your save file for (in your case) Pokemon ORAS
  • Line both instances up side by side and simply drag-and-drop the pokemon you wish to transfer into an empty slot in the other game’s safe file. Alternatively, you can simply drag-and-drop the pokemon to your desktop instead. That will create a file which you can later (you guessed it) drag-and-drop into PKHeX again (if you don’t want/can’t open two instances of PKHeX at the same time). After you’re done, simply go to File>Export SAV...>Export main and you’re done. The pokemon should now have been transfered.
    See here:
  1. Use your 3DS and a homebrew app called Checkpoint to transfer your save over to the 3DS and use Pokemon Bank to trade generation and version exclusive pokemon that you’ve caught to other games. This one is definitely the most tedious of the two.

Thanks Snake. This is the exact type of answer I was looking for : detailed yet still simple and to the point. Thanks to you I can finally have all the dark types on one save.