Pokemon Trading w/ yourself using Canary

After searching through many threads to find a solution, I still can’t figure out how to currently self-trade pokemon (Ultra Sun).
I have currently:

  • Created 2 Instances of the latest Citra Canary builds,
  • One has a Citra account + token verified (necessary??)
  • Regenerated a User ID for one instance,
  • Am able to join both instances into the same public lobby.

My problem now is that when I try to trade for instance in the Festival Plaza (Says I am locally connected to internet) when I try to use Link Trade and/or Global Trade I get the same error many people also get, about the file dumping.

I read somewhere that you must use a 3DS to dump these files for it to work, however Citra doesn’t support this because of piracy or something.

Is there any solution/workaround to getting this resolved, or am I just completely missing one important step altogether.

You need a 3DS and the games bought in order to use Citra. You can dump the required files from your 3DS.