Pokemon Ultra Moon Black Screen 0 FPS 0 speed

When I open citra and try to play pokemon ultra moon it suddenly turns into a black screen and it shows zero FPS and zero speed percentage. Before it used to work, but now it doesn’t work and I didnt even change anything in the settings, I just updated the citra. Also when the game is running I can’t click on anything on the title bar and after some time it closes on its own.

System Information

  • Operating System: windows 10
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4210U, 1.7GHz
  • GPU:
  • Citra Version (found in title bar): Nightly 1258
  • Game: Pokemon Ultra Moon
  • Screenshot of Issue (include the full Citra window including titlebar):

Diagnostic Log

citra_log.txt (13.2 KB)

System Information for Support

Client Version                                Nightly 1258 HEAD-7ea82e7
OpenGL Vendor                                 NVIDIA Corporation
OpenGL Renderer                               GeForce 840M/PCIe/SSE2
OpenGL Version                                3.3.0
Enable Hardware Renderer                      [x]
Enable Hardware Shader                        [x]
Hardware Shader, Accurate Multiplication      [ ]
Hardware Shader, Geometry Shaders             [x]
Enable Shader JIT                             [x]
System Region                                 -1

Here’s some issues I found with your log that might help.

  • Enabling Accurate Multiplication is recomended in certain games. If you are experiencing graphical glitches, try enabling this option.

Accurate Multiplication didn’t work

Update your GPU drivers, download the latest from nvidia’s website.

but before I could play with the same GPU. My friend has the same computer as me and he is able to play

Which citra build were you using previously? citra requires an up-to-date driver to run properly.

Before I was using citra 1210 but I already updated it to 1258

Does nightly 1210 works? you can find previous nightly builds here.

It did work but I don’t wanna lose progress

You won’t lose progress by using a rather recent but older build, and you can always backup your save file, right clicking on your game on citra’s game list and ‘Open Save Data Location’ to find your save file(s).

download that nightly build you mentioned (1210) that it worked before, extract anywhere you want and test it.

Do I have to delete my previous version of citra to be able to download it?

No, just download and extract elsewhere (desktop, documents, etc). and run the citra-qt.exe.

Thanks it worked mate

tive o mesmo problema mas foi no pokemon Y, e eu acabei desinstalando o citra e apagando todos os arquivos do pc, tentei baixar novamente e continua tela preta velocidade 0 e fps 0 alguém pode me ajudar?