Pokemon Ultra Moon Crash ( Repeated Problem.)

I’m on the latest ver. of Citra Nightly, It freezes here,

and here is the log,citra_log.txt (5.3 KB)
If y’know how to fix, please tell me.

Also I have edited the Hex to make it lineless.

does the ROM without any modification works?

I’ll try without the mods.

Still freezes on that frame, but the game is running, like, I can press buttons and things are happening, but it’s not showing up visually.

Did any previous citra build worked for you? disable ‘Enable Hardware Shader’ (before launching the game)

How do I disable “Hardware Shader”?

Go to Emulation > Configure > Graphics and uncheck the ‘Enable Hardware Shader’ checkbox.

That worked, thanks so much for all the help, It was much appreciated! :slight_smile: