Pokémon Ultra Moon - Grey Screens

Issue: Both screens are grey, but sound still plays & inputs seem to be working as I have blindly selected things, and heard the cursor moving, selections being accepted, and music changing.

Attempted fixes:
I have tried every possible combination in the settings, but nothing seems to fix this issue.

Final Thoughts:
I had the original Sun/Moon working on Citra before this latest update on 2/11/2018
So I’m suspecting something went wrong with Citra itself.
I’m scheduled to play this Tuesday night on a live stream using some new Nuzlocke rules I came up with.
So I would be most appreciative if anyone can help me fix this.

System Information

Operating System: Windows 8.1 [64 bit]
CPU: AMD a10-4600M APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics 2.30 GHz
GPU: I do not know what this references.
Citra Version:
Game: Pokémon Ultra Moon


Bleeding Edge was discontinued mid-last year. Use our new installer on our downloads page and try our canary version (which is basically bleeding edge+) See if this helps?

It just updated today, but I will try that right now.
Thank you.

I got the latest version of Citra, and I still cannot get the game to load correctly.
I can only see grey screens.

Can you get a new log, with nightly?

Usually, gray screens are a result of bad GPU drivers, you can try updating those.