Pokemon Ultra Moon softlocks on save after last update

[ Issue ]

Playing [ Pokemon Ultra Moon ]. I have been doing everything fine, saves and all included, until this last update Citra did today.

Now I can’t hard-save anymore the game, it simply soft-locks into one or several error messages and eternal “saving” screen

The game itself still seems to run fine, and so does save-state saving|loading.

I tried deleting save files and saving again (main and .meta, as far as I know the only ones, but I’m still amateur at handling Citra)… no dice

[ System Information ]

[ Screenshot of Issue ]

[ Log ]

citra_log.txt (61.9 KB)

I’ve only ever seen this type of behavior caused by cheat codes. Your log file does say that you have at least one of those enabled. This is especially troublesome as you’re likely only using save states now (which also save the cheat codes that are enabled at the time of saving).
Since you said that you deleted your original save data, there may be no way to recover from this.
Citra requires a restart after deactivating the cheats to fully deactivate them, so if the cheats are indeed the cause of this issue, there’s currently no way to deactivate them as you have deleted your original save file. This is why you need to be extremely careful with cheats.