Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Hd Texture pack

Greetings Citra users!

Today is a great day for 3ds pokemon, because with the work of Volya https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNSBq8H1wpeSVpGzCugXlVA

And I we bring to you all the first hd pokemon texture pack on the citra forums!

So our projects originally were independent with Volya focusing on the ui, character textures and much more and I focusing on the pokemon so we decided to merge the projects together so that people could get a full hd pack from one source. Thank you all and enjoy!




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note the full 40 0 mon dex is done

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Yo amazing work here. Is EVERYTHING in the game HD or just the Pokemon battle models?


Noob question: where do I put the files?


Almost everything battle and character related

Copy all of the texture files into your custom text folder

Thanks for the quick reply,

Do I create the text folder in C:\Users\Weston\AppData\Roaming\Citra and extract the textures there?

Right click the game in the citra window and click on go to custom texture location and paste

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I’ve copied the loose textures into:


I’ve ticked “Use Custom Textures” and "Dump Textures in Graphics> Enhancements> Utility. “Preload Custom Textures” is not ticked. Not sure if that’s correct.

But I can’t really see a difference. Are the starters re-textured?

Here is a pic:

Thanks for the help I’m just getting used to Citra. I had no idea re-textures were even possible, until I stumbled upon your post. It’s pretty sweet. Playing Ultra Sun on my PC at 200+ fps up-scaled to 4k is already amazing :blush:

Go into battle it will work

I think it’s working,

The Pokemon and my trainer do seem to look higher res in battle.

Does this look right to you?:


Yep make sure you have custom textures

I’ve enabled "Use Custom Textures and “Dump Textures”

Pretty sure it is working. The trainer and Pokemon look a lot cleaner and higher res. No jaggies on them. Thanks for your work - it looks great.


Hey does this work with regular Moon? like the not ultra version?

after doing a bit of testing it doesnt look like it

tried to set the text file from this pack over the games original and the texture doesnt line up properly

maybe some other textures might work fine I’ll take a look

You’re not supposed to do that

Looks good!!!Thx for your great work