Pokemon ultra sun black outlines faded

Hi there,

I saw that with the latest build of citra pokemon ultra sun and moon actually became really playable, so I went and played it on Citra.
I messes with the internal resolution a bit and finally at 6x Native it looked beautifl on my 1080p monitor.
After playing a bit I thought, can I get better framerate at a lower resolution, so I changed it to 5x and it looked a lot uglier. So I changed it back, but to my surprise it changed how the game looks. My in game chracter used to have these black outlines around her arms, but now they hae disapeared. Not only for my character, but also for npc’s.

Also some objects now do look really faded especially when I move.

Image: https://imgur.com/V2okHTl

Is there anyone here that knows how to fix this?

Isn’t this how the game is upscaled?

That might be, but before changing and undoing the change of settings it looked a lot better