Pokemon Ultra Sun Crashes

Guys when i try to play Pokemon Ultra sun on latest citra build if i try to open it windows says citra does not respond and citra crashes.when i try to open ultra sun on an unofficial citra build i can open the game.The photo i give you is from unofficial old build.What can i do about it ?

And this photo is from the latest official build:

Does the terminal print out any errors? I dumped my version of UM and there were no problems with running it. Maybe try running any other games and see if it is a problem with the emulator not running on your pc or if its just this game.

if i try to run pokemon moon with latest citra emulator it dont gives any crash,now i will try if its giving any print out for ultra sun

And there is no print outs.Just this"A problem has stopped the program from working properly. Windows will shut down the program and will notify you if there is a solution."

i tried you can look my comments

@GDhex12 Can you help me please ?

First off: try turning off any 3rd part GL hooks, such as Fraps, Dxtory, MSI Afterburner or RivaTuner.

If it doesn’t help, get the log file.

Sorry,but i dont know how to get the log file can you help me ? @GDhex12

And even i close the 3rd programs it didnt work

Please give us the log file.

now I tried to do it for my nightly citra but it didnt work log file is still empty and 0kb why is it like that ?

I tried to do what you say,but even when i do it multiple times its not working.log file is still empty and 0kb.please help me

Open the citra-qt.ini file in C:/Users/your username/AppData/Roaming/citra/config and change back any modifications you have done there, for example the log to only display critical messages.

On a separate, I noticed that you have PKHex in your Citra installation folder. This isn’t really a good idea because if you ever install Citra, that folder will be deleted, along with anything inside it, including PKHex in this case.