[Pokemon Ultra Sun] Flickering textures

Yesterday, I tried to run Pokemon Ultra Sun on Citra and altough the game speed mainly functions between 95 -100% (GPU mode only) I do however get bad graphics as the textures of the game are flickering:

Are there any possible ways to fix this?

My computer specs are:

Intel i7 5500 2.4 ghz
Intel HD Grahpics 5500

Thanks for your reading!

Change the Shader Emulation in Emulation - Configure - Graphics to CPU.

Just tried that and the flickerings are gone, yet that the game speed is now slowing down to 70%

You could try an older build (Canary 478 - db43205, mingw zip and then citra-qt.exe.):

The newest builds introduced flickering issues in Pokemon for Nvidia GPUs (at least Maxwell/Pascal).
Older builds work fine.

So try the Canary 478-db43205 version and report back if your issues with GPU mode are gone.

I just tried what you suggested but the graphics are still flickering :S

Are your graphic issues exactly the same or do they look a bit different?

There are issues in general with AMD and Intel GPUs on this particular manner:

You could also try to update your graphics driver if they are not up to date:

Other than that there is not much left besides waiting for Citra to further progress and potentially fixing this issues.

okay ive been having the same issues but when i open the configure tab, the extra settings dont show up. I am running the newest version of canary, and i even checked on nightly. what should i do.

Computer info:
Intel® Celeron® 1037 1.80ghz
Intel ® HD Graphics
RAM: 4gb
my laptop might just have too low of specs but i just wanted to check

i am also getting like a flashing screen where i can see the game still but it has like filters going over it, as well as becoming completely covered in gray at times

The setting to try disabling would now be Enable Hardware Shaders.

But this causes massive performance regressions

If enabling them causes the issues, and you have the newest graphics drivers, then it’s a bug in the drivers and there isn’t really anything you can do about it.