Pokemon ultra sun freezes with the message of fatal error

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[ 42.433787] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:ThrowFatalError:169: Fatal error
[ 42.433796] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:ThrowFatalError:171: Fatal error type: Generic
[ 42.433797] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:149: PID: 0x0000000B
[ 42.433802] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:150: REV: 0x00000000_0x0000F21D
[ 42.433804] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:152: TID: 0x00000000_0x00000000
[ 42.433806] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:154: AID: 0x00000000_0x00000000
[ 42.433807] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:156: ADR: 0x00168DD8
[ 42.433809] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:159: RSL: 0xC8804464
[ 42.433810] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:160: Level: 25
[ 42.433811] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:161: Summary: 4
[ 42.433812] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:162: Module: 17
[ 42.433814] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:163: Desc: 100
[ 42.616111] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:ThrowFatalError:182: Datetime: 2020/08/16 12:11:58

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please tell me what to do next for i do not know much of the 3ds roms and emulators . and i would be happy if you can explain me how to dump installed titels and game cartridges . for it is confusing . and i said explain me dont foreward me thelinks cause i am not able to understand it . i am requesting you to explain in simple words what those link contents tell

just watch your other post here… and just do not create multiple posts with same question… this is classified as spam…

extremly sorry . :slightly_frowning_face: