Pokemon Ultra Sun - Hall of Fame bug possible workaround

If anyone already pointed this then this post is pointless, I’m posting because I couldn’t find an open post to reply.

Citra version: Canary Build - 68fce6e
Game: Pokemon Ultra Sun

It is a known bug that happens after you beat the League, game freezes when you enter the Hall of Fame.
One solution was to go through the whole process with only 3 pokemons.
I saw one guy going on Pokemon Sun with 3 pokemons and CPU JIT disabled and other one saying that going only going with 5 pokemons it would still work.

I was able to go with 5 pokemons and with CPU JIT disabled.

I think it would still work only with CPU JIT deactivated (I can’t test, game saved after the credits).

I don’t know if it only works with Pokemon Ultra Sun or for all versions (U-Sun/U-Moon Sun/Moon).

This is actually somewhat interesting, I remember 5 sometimes worked but I had no idea that the CPU JIT was related, I’ll pass it on.

they are the same game basically so what ever applies to Usun and sun also applies to Umoon and moon

It looks likely that this workaround works due to timing differences between the interpreter and the JIT.

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I tested this in Moon but it still softlocked. Would be great if someone else could verify that workaround in USUM

i did it with 6 pokemons i am not sure which one worked but i tried two things i turned off cpu jit but it didnt work then i turned it back on and then tried the hall of fame editor on pkhex then added my pokemon on the first hall of fame tab after that it worked then i tried to verify if it was the cpu jit reset or the save editing i reverted to a previous save and then tried but it worked so im confused on which one actually worked try both of these and im supre it’ll work for you i am a noob when it comes to pokemon games so i couldn’t defeat hau\kukui depending on the game with 3 pokemons hence i tried hope it helps just noticed im posting this 5 years later but some people might still have this problem like me

Closed due to out of date info.