Pokemon ultra sun issue

I have to ride the ultra warp for the first time to save solgaleo and defeat ultranecrozma i guess, anyway i can’t move solgaleo in the ultra warp so i always end up entering the wrong warp… i’ve read somewhere that you can change it in the game freak office but there isn’t that npc. so how can i do?

Use right mouse drag for motion controls. It might not be ideal but you can change it to regular controls by talking to the Aether employee at the GameFreak building when you leave Ultra Space.

but it doesn’t work…i mean if i move to left solgaleo moves to right or sometimes he doesn’t move at all… (i wasn’t hit by the eletric orb or whatever they are)

It works, it’s just not the ideal control scheme. Enter a warp as soon as possible, exit back into the real world and change the control scheme.