Pokemon ultra sun/moon mega texture pack

I really like the 3D models for the mega evolutions pokemon, and i wanted to know if there’s any texture pack or a easy way to make one that replaces the pokemon textures with their mega forms(blastoise into mega blastoise for exemple) . I tryed with a cheat code for eternal mega, but the game cant read it on photo club or pokemon refresher and change theirs textures to their original on photos and to pikachu on pokemon refresher.

You can try pkhax where you can permanently change your pokemon to mega. don’t know if that changes the model for the photo club or refresh, or even in- battle all the time, but i suggest giving it a try. ( just change the form to mega and you’re good to go!)

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Already tried that, but ty anyway. The game still changes megas to Pikachu on pokemon refresher and to their original form on photo club

guess game freak though of that :frowning: