Pokemon Ultra Sun Nebby not being there in meele meele medow

Please help me. when i got here, i spammed a to get through the dialog as fast as i could, but the cutscene would not happen. I watched a gamplay video to see where nebby is, but when i got htere, he wasnt there. All Lillie wants to do now is heal my pokemon and i dont know how to fix this, and i never made any save backups before you ask, i dont know if it is possible to back it up. plz help.

Hi there. in The original Pokemon Sun and Moon, Nebby wanders in the meadow but in Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, Nebby is not in the Melemele Meadows and instead runs off to the Seaward Cave. It’s one of the storyline changes done in the Ultra versions of the game.

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Okay, can you guys now help. Me with my other problems. Now. Check out my other topic