Pokemon ultra sun not working

citra crashes at the point when i get a message from kukui
graphics: nvidia geforce 9300 GE
cpu: Intel Pentium e2200 @ 2.2 GHz
OS: windows 10 64 bit
here’s my log:log.txt (12 KB)

sorry seems to be working i just put shader emulation as CPU the after that part i changed it back to GPU and it worked just fine but a lot slower since April 4th canary build. any reason or workaround? my GPU is open gl 3.3 compliant so that is not the issue. before i could run a stable 30 fps indoors in all Pokemon games and 20-27 fps outdoors. but now i’m getting 25 fps indoors and less than 20 fps outdoors. which pull request is causing this?

Your GPU is pretty old, and it may not have all of the required GL extensions for Citra.

it does have all the support for open gl 3.3. but citra is
slower than it was before