Pokemon Ultra Sun Occasional freeze

Hy Guys,

My Ultra Sun game keeps freezing occasionaly at random for like 2 to 3 sec, its kinda annoying any kinda help would be welcome ( the same problem is happening to DB Fusion too)

Here is the log: citra_log.txt (129.8 KB)

does it stop after playing for a while? are you running on battery?

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Not at all, it happens at random and its consistent. It happens before a battle during one or just in free roaming, the audio stops and the screen freezes for like a good 2 to 3 sec. Im playing on a laptop with cord, as a gamer I know what palying on a battery does to a game so I avoid it.

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try changing to high performance for citra_qt.exe on the nvidia control panel.

oh wow dude it helped thx, still some freezes but like 1/2 sec, barely noticibale.

thank you.

Check other programs on the task manager that may be slowing down citra.
btw, some stutter is to be expected upon new animations.