Pokemon Ultra Sun QR scanner help

Does anyone here knows how to use QR scanner in Citra? I would like to use this feature fair and square.

Citra does not support the camera feature.

Too bad :frowning: Maybe I’ll just wait till this feature is ready again. Thank you.

There is an unofficial build to it but I will not link it for you

I heard about that when I searched for other methods. Is it safe though to use?

Yes, it is safe. You load the QR code in that unofficial Citra build, then it’ll display the pic on the virtual camera. But you have to first perfectly resize the QR image in order to work.

@flygon_best_pokemon @Sahil_Gagrai Please note that unofficial builds are unsupported, and we will not provide support for them. Also, we cannot guarantee that they are safe, they could be very well hiding viruses or illegal system files.

I’ll do that, I don’t wanna let my laptop get infected by viruses, I’ll wait till camera feature is available again.

So when will the camera feature be ready

We don’t have an ETA.