Pokémon Ultra Sun update data (1.2)

I’ve extracted what looks like the latest update data for Ultra Sun (\sysdata\0004000e\001b5000\content), containing a 68MB .app file and some others, and placed them into the corresponding directory for Citra. However, the game does not seem to acknowledge this data, and I cannot replay the battle videos I recorded on my 3ds (and transferred to Citra’s extra data) due to them being for this latest version. Do I even have the correct update data here? Is there some other process that should be followed?
Thanks in advance.

dump the update as a decrypted cia and install it with the “install cia” option

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Use gm9 and dump the update as cia (standard), then use citra install cia option

I can’t seem to find the update data for any software, let alone Pokémon. These are what show up when searching for titles in the SD card: https://imgur.com/a/cIkUMoV

Search in 0004000e (this is for updates) directory and not in 00040000. The title ID for the update should be 0004000e001b5000

Oh goodness, for some reason I thought the godmode9 search directory function would search all of the folders in the current window instead of the highlighted one. My mistake entirely, thank you! Found it and making the CIA. Installed via Citra and working properly. I wonder what about the installation process differs than just copying the .app and similar files…

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Those files are encrypted which won’t work with CItra. It needs to be decrypted. Dumping as standard CIAs will decrypt them and you can easily install them with the Install CIA feature.