Pokemon Ultra Sun works on older version of Citra but not on the latest

So I recently created a topic about Pokemon Ultra Sun crashing on the latest version on Citra (50def5a) . As a reply I got “Probably a bad ROM”, so i asked my friend to dump the game (I previously downloaded the ROM from the internet) and i started using that but the game still crashed. So just for trial i tried loading the ROM on an older version of Citra i had on my Mac (1f6da9f) and to my surprise it ran, albeit at a slow fps. So I then downloaded an older version of Citra (d823759) on my current laptop (Windows 10) and it ran. Could anyone tell why this is happening?

playing currently ultra sun (dumped from my own N3DS XL and installed the game and update CIA files) without any Problems.
im using Canary Build - d69147b. win10 pro x64, AMD FX-6100, 16 GB Ram, AMD RX 480 8 GB Ram

Piracy isn’t supported here and that includes sharing the files with friends.