Pokemon Ultramoon night

hi i play Pokemon Ultramoon on citra and its great but it wont to be night in the game.i cant catch pokemon whos only spwan in night ore evolve in night. Is there a option to change the Time on citra?

the time is based off your cpu clock iirc. try changing that. i agree an option to change time would be good too

I believe time in Pokémon moon is also inverted

@BreadFish64 is that really so? I didn’t know that at all. Also @jroweboy , maybe I’ll try to implement this, like this.

  1. Calculate difference between user set time & actual time.

  2. Save that in the config.

  3. Add that value to the real time when requested by the game.


HI whats the difference between user settime and actual time?

Basically, it will emulate the 3ds clock setting. You will be able to set the time, just like you can do on a real 3ds, without changing the system time. It (my proposed functionality) will then calculate the difference between the system time & the time the user sets. It will add this offset to the system time to get your set time when requested by a game, this way, it will easily emulate the time moving forward without much effort.


+1 to this. if its designed well, its something that i know a few devs would like because RTC is one of a few things thats non determinstic in citra right now.

I won’t work on this now, maybe a month later, coz I have my annual school exams now…