Pokemon USM after loading error

I tried it on Citra Canary 960 and still 1 fps

You need to disable ‘Enable Hardware Shader’ and not ‘Enable Hardware Renderer’, make sure that the latter is still enabled.

it works but FPS is low, at least I can play it.

also disable v-sync for better performance.

still low fps, but its playable, thanks.

is there any reason for this to be happening now?

if i remember correctly this issue exists ever since GPU shader emulation was added (canary 408), and there was a recent progress that improved performance for intel IGPU users. what is your CPU?

Idk, how to check it?

Press Winkey + R type in dxdiag, a window will appear, in the first tab ‘System’ look for the field ‘processor’.

Intel® Core™ i3-7100 CPU @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.4GHz

That’s a good CPU, how much FPS do you get on average?

I dont know why but my FPS doesn’t go higher than 32 on Native Resolution and with Hardware Shader enabled, when its disabled, it goes to 24 FPS;

also, I installed Pokémon ORAS, and it works fine, unlike 7th gen games, that when I enter a battle it crashes. (with Hardware Shader enabled)

There is something really bad about iGPU performance that i don’t understand, your CPU has more than double of single threaded performance than mine. while i can use ‘Enable Hardware Shader’ on a game like USUM (AMD GPU), which usually does work around 30 FPS (some stutters during new animations), if i disable ‘Enable Hardware Shader’ i still get a little more than half of the performance, it goes from 30 locked (a little more than that unlocked) to ~20 FPS. AMD GPU’s aren’t that much better than iGPU’s (mine is low-end either way).

Hey @Adityarup_Laha @CodingKoopa is this normal?

also my PC is only 4GB RAM, I think that’s why

Why ping me? XD
I don’t know shit about these stuffs.

XD certainly more than i do, but that’s a curious issue huh.

Have you tried updating your graphics drivers? That’s usually the source of Intel graphics issues like that.

I’m not too surprised, disabling hardware shaders should be expected to have a sizeable impact on performance.

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I tried, only the audio driver is a bit outdated

You can try this workaround: